Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Floyd Wickman SMART Program -- I Graduated!

I had the pleasure and opportunity to attend the Floyd Wickman Program this fall on Hilton Head Island.

My broker at Dunes Marketing Group organized for a Floyd Wickman trainer (Robyn) to give our group of 100+ agents a presentation highlighting the Floyd Wickman Program. After the presentation, several agents and I registered for the course.


They help brokers and their agents increase sales by causing them to:

Master the art of Listing and selling real estate.
Build and maintain a Salable Book of Business.
Become and stay organized.
Value the benefits of Teamwork and Mentoring.
Live by 5 client- and company-friendly Core Values.

S.M.A.R.T. PROGRAM: 7 weekly sessions teaches agents how to prospect their sphere of influence and FSBO's; generate referrals; control the complete listing appointment; price the listing so it is salable in the toughest of markets; service the listing; convert incoming and Internet inquiries into office appointments; sell more properties; create a business plan and focus for achieving that plan; work as part of a mentor group.


1. 8 CD's

2. 1 DVD

3. Course Manual

4. Online resources

CORE VALUES CLUB: 1 year follow-up to the S.M.A.R.T. program (no additional charge) designed to help the agent fine tune all of the listing and selling skills taught during the 7 weekly sessions; and, to master the personal success characteristics necessary to achieve long range success.


1. 12 monthly audio messages

2. Online resources

THE MASTER SALES EVENT: A 3 day event during January, limited to Floyd Wickman graduates designed to recognize achievement and to create a business plan for the New Year. To help agents achieve at a higher level.


1. National speakers

2. Added value workshops

3. Referral sharing

4. Higher level skills

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